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Take a look at our collection of videos! We have a great line up of videos by Youtubers, fans, and us!

These wild sardines are caught in the Baltic Sea, handpicked for quality, then naturally wood smoked, and delicately packaged in olive oil.

Our delicious Brisling Sardines have won over people's hearts and minds(just read the reviews down below!). It's now your turn to spoil you and your loved ones with something better. You've tried the rest, now try the best.

My Channel

My Channel

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Take a look at how to make a space taco!

Join astronaut, Chris Hadfield, as he makes himself a taco in zero gravity!

Can you spot the delicious sauce near the end? I wonder who makes them. Hmmmmm..

How to make a mushroom omelette!


Ingredients: - 2 eggs - Cilantro - Polar Mushrooms - Cheese

Watch the funny guys from Cult Moo get out of their comfort zone and have a taste of our kipper snacks! But don't worry, our canned fish isn't like the rest! Find out their reaction in the video here!

Join us in the Polar kitchen to whip up a super simple recipe of Chia Seed Pudding. It's delicious and healthy!

Watch as the hilarious trio make an attempt at a not-so-delicious ice cream recipe!

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