All Tuna is Not the Same...Choose Quality

One common misconception is that all canned tuna is the same. While shopping in the tuna aisle, most people gravitate towards products and brands that they’re familiar with, unaware of the different types, flavors, and uses for the different varieties of tuna.

Once you’re aware of the differences, you’ll be able to determine which type of canned tuna best suits the needs for you, your family, and your planned meals.

Okay so what makes ours the best? We can boast that our tuna is wild caught, kosher, and dolphin safe. But full disclosure here... so can all the other leading national brands... So if every canned tuna you see has the same selling points, how can we claim we are the best?

Well....not everything is the same.

2 things.

1. Both of our chunk light tuna and solid white albacore are All Natural. If you read the ingredients of other brands, they include either pyrophosphate or vegetable broth (or both). The product says "Chunk Light Tuna in Water". Why is there vegetable broth? And what is it made of? Is the broth all natural? What chemicals does it have to improve shelf life or coloring? For us, we believe in all natural tuna that gives you what you expect. Tuna, Water, Salt...That's it!

2. Our tuna stays true to what we claim. When we say our product is chunk light, we mean it's chunky! Same goes for our solid tuna, it's actually solid! Other brands; however, are mushy and look like cat food. You've seen them!

Okay awesome, so let's say that you've made the right choice. But now you have some questions about which one to buy. Well we've got you covered below!

Chunk Light

Chunk Light Tuna typically consists of skip jack, but may also include yellow fin, tongol, or big-eye tuna. Polar chunk light only uses skip jack tuna. The meat is darker in color, somewhere between a light tan and a tan-ish pink and is smaller with a flakier texture, similar to chicken thigh. The flavor is stronger in comparison to the flavor of albacore, so it is best used in dishes such as tuna salad, pasta, and casseroles, where the flavor is allowed to shine through and where the texture and small pieces mix easily with other ingredients.