The Best Sardines in the World. Seriously.

World’s Best Sardines...

Ever wonder why we keep promoting our Brisling Sardines? Because we’re pretty confident you’ll love it. So confident, it’s actually getting to our heads! Everyone in our staff is standing a bit straighter and walking a bit taller. The office is beginning to sound like a hipster coffee shop where everyone seems to know "the best thing on the menu". But before you judge us, please understand why we are the way we are.

Our sardines truly are extraordinary. Before they ever reached your grocery store, they had to be imported from the Northern European Country of Latvia. There, they are wild caught in the Baltic Sea and hand-picked through the quality selection process. Each sardine is checked for any imperfections. If any are found, they are thrown out and never included into the quality batch. Once a group of sardines pass the quality check, they are then naturally wood smoked until perfectly golden. Then the sardines are individually hand packed, naturally seasoned, and stored in olive oil.

But what about the taste?

Amazing. The sardines have the perfect combination of smokiness and freshness in a single bite. It's not too fishy nor is it too smoky. Don't believe us? Compare them to the "leading" brands in the market. You'll also see the difference between the color and the consistency of the shape of the fish. True quality.

Left: Leading Brand Middle: MW Polar Right: Leading Brand

It's not hard to see why we are so confident in these sardines.

But of course, you can only truly tell once you taste them!

You can find our sardines at your local grocery store or at our online shop here

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