Why Canned is Better Than Fresh.

We’ve all heard this, “Eat Fresh!”. We’ve heard it many times. Especially with the health trend, we hear it now more than ever. But why? A huge misconception about canned food is that it’s unhealthy for you. Many people assume that all canned foods are packed with high amounts of unhealthy preservatives. This may be true for some other brands and low-quality products, but many canned food items are as healthy, if not more healthy than fresh food. Mind blowing, isn’t it? Well here’s why...

Canned food items, like fruits and vegetables, are picked and harvested at the peak of freshness. Once it’s packed, because it’s canned and away from oxygen and other contaminates, all the nutrients are stored and stays with it for consumption. That’s great!

Fresh foods; however, lose its nutrients throughout the entire process of picking, packing, shipping, and shelving. It could be days before the fruit or vegetable could reach a customer’s shopping cart. By then, much of the nutrients are gone. “Losses of nutrients during fresh storage may be more substantial than consumers realize.” – Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture.

So before reaching for the nutrition-less fresh fruit, swing by the canned section and enjoy a fruit at its nutritious peak.

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