10 Weird/Interesting Fun Facts About Bicycles!

Happy National Bike to Work Day!

Everyone knows that regular exercise is a must for a healthy body, and one of the best ways to get it is biking. But here are some interesting things you might have or have not known about bicycles.

1. Longest Tandem Bicycle!

The longest tandem bike ever built had 35 seats and was 67 feet long! I would've hated turning corners.

2. Unicycle is Mandatory...

At St. Helen's School in Newbury, OH, unicycling is a mandatory subject.

3. 152 MPH!

In 1985, the fastest bike speed ever recorded was by American Olympic Cyclist, John Howard. We was able to reach 152 mph!

4. Can Stay Upright On It's Own

Bikes have to be going at least 8 mph to stay upright without a rider.

5. All wooden bikes use to be a thing

...Can anyone say, "splinter"?

6. Only 3 Hours to Reduce Heart Disease by 50%

It only takes 3 hours a week of cycling to reduce the risk of heart disease by half!

7. One Spot, 5 hours

The slow cycling record was awarded to Tsugunobu Mitsuishi in 1965 when he stayed stationary on a bike for 5 hours and 25 minutes.

8. Bicycles Weren't Always Called Bicycles

Before bikes got their modern name, they use to be called velocipedes.

9. Road Were Meant For Bikes

Believe it or not, paved roads were built for bicycles, not cars. While automobiles were able to go across cobblestones, bikes could not.

10. Bikes Conquered Malaysia

During WW2, the Japanese invaded malaysia while on bikes.

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