What in the World are Kippers/Herring?

If you follow our social media accounts, you've probably seen more than a few posts about our Kipper and Herring line. It's always Kipper this and Herring that.

Maybe a bit too much?

So we get the same question many times over again, "What in the world are Kipper and Herring?" "Are they anything like Tuna or Salmon?"

Well other than the fact that they are super tasty and extremely healthy for you, they are far from similar.

Herring is a type of oily fish that is very rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. They are usually found in the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans as well as near the coast of South America. Research has shown that Herring promotes a healthy heart, increases development of the brain, and prevents degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. Now that's what I call a well rounded fish!

Kipper is Herring that is split in half, salted, and usually smoked. So depending on how you serve it, is what determines whether you are eating Kipper or not. Other fish and meat that are split in half are also considered "kippered".

Kipper/Herring is widely popular in European countries, such as the United Kingdom. They are usually eaten at breakfast with scrambled eggs and toast or even just by itself. The tasty fish also has a great fan base here in the United States. I know that I'm a fan!

So next time you come across some herring, maybe you'll want to give it a try.

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