Established in 1976, Polar has grown steadily over the years to provide major retailers, wholesalers, and food service customers with the finest products possible at a great value.


We carry a wide variety of products ranging from fruits, seafood, vegetables, asian products, snacks, and general non-food merchandise. We are always on the lookout for new and interesting products to satisfy your customers' ever evolving palate and marketplace trends.




  • No Additives, MORE FISH

  • No Residue, CHUNKIER

  • No After-Taste, FRESHER

Brisling Sardines:

  • European Import

  • Wild Caught

  • Naturally Wood Smoked

  • Packaged in Olive oil


Kipper & Herring:

  • Naturally Wood Smoked

  • Less than 1% salt content

  • Imported from Norway

  • No Glucose

  • No MSG

  • No Nitrates




  • Choice Grade

  • All Natural

  • Flavorful Aroma and Refreshing taste


  • Cold Water caught

  • High in Omega 3

  • High Drain Weight


Boneless Pink Salmon:

  • Solid Pack. 

  • No Flake

  • All Natural



  • Wild Caught

  • All Natural

  • No Additives


In Jar:

  • Trademarked glasss jar designs

  • Choice grade hand selected fruit

  • Low temperature retort

  • Reusable jars and environmentally friendly

Packed in Pear Juice:

  • Unique Pear Shaped jar

  • WIC approved in most states

  • Soaked in Pear Juice for natural sweetness 

  • No Sugar added



  • Tender

  • More natural nutrients

  • Hand Picked

  • Uniform in size

  • Rich in vitamins

  • High amount of fiber